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Higher education institutions are trying to provide more flexibility and individualization, which is mainly realized through the use of new technologies and implemented in online or blended learning designs. This systematic review aims to investigate the impact of replacing classroom time with an online learning environment. The meta-analysis (k = 21 effect sizes) applied strict inclusion criteria concerning research design, measurement of learning outcomes and implementation of blended learning. The estimated effect size (Hedge's g) was positive, although not significantly different from zero and the confidence interval [-0.13, 0.25], suggesting that overall differences between blended and conventional classroom learning are small, and, at best, very small negative or moderate positive effects are plausible. This means that despite a reduction in classroom time between 30 and 79 per cent, equivalent learning outcomes were found. Consequently, blended learning with reduced classroom time is not systematically more or less effective than conventional classroom learning.  相似文献   
The article documents findings from a pilot study undertaken in 2012–2013 in a special needs secondary school in the England, that trialled the use of a multimedia advocacy tool, “The RIX Wiki”. The trial was part of the pathfinder programme, which aimed to reform existing Special Education Needs provision, from the system of statementing to one of developing education health care plans. The reforms became enshrined in the Children and Families Act (2014). The findings were overall positive and helped with person-centred planning processes. The discussion is framed within current and future policy directives. We argue that multimedia advocacy approaches and software tools, like the “RIX Wiki” will have a continued role to play in ensuring the needs, aspirations and choices of children and young people with learning disabilities remain central.  相似文献   
The notion that the stories of our lives shape dispositions towards imagined futures is another lens through which university underrepresentation should be viewed. A storied lens attends to how futures, like university attendance, are storied during childhood to the extent that some youth imagine, and therefore plan, these futures as natural progression. Such was the case for study participants, indicating that childhood stories contain answers for mitigating social reproduction connected to parental education and cultural forces within the home. Examining social mobility through the underexplored storied-futures grand narrative presents unique solutions that lay hidden within the dominant meritocratic grand narrative.  相似文献   
体医融合和非医疗健康干预可以有效促进疾病管理与健康服务模式的形成,但体医融合项目治理初期仍然受到理念融合、体医融资、部门协同等因素的影响。该文以病毒、人体免疫与体育运动的体医融合关系视角,依据共生理论对体医融合项目的风险治理逻辑进行了阐述。采用文献资料法、数理统计法等对体医融合项目风险治理的相关个案进行了整理,并基于NVIVO11.0质性分析软件对体医融合个案进行识别分析,构建了体医融合项目风险治理的影响因素评价指标体系,包括13个一级指标30个二级指标。最后提出了体医融合项目风险治理的路径选择(1)将体医融合理念提升至构建公共卫生保障体系战略的高度;(2)落地变现体医融合项目购买方案;(3)打造政府精准购买体医融合项目区块链。  相似文献   


The 24-Hour Movement Guidelines (24 hMG) provide specific recommendations, including physical activity (PA), screen-time and sleep-duration, which preschoolers should achieve for a healthy day (24 h). The aim of the current study was to analyse preschooler’s adherence with the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines.  相似文献   
开展信息化、智慧化预警工作是实现全面精准育人的重要途径,而预警应用平台无疑是预警工作的有力工具和实践载体,其设计方案应用效果的好坏直接决定着学习预警信息化愿景的达成度。文章在分析高职院校学习预警工作现状的基础上,从工作流程设计、平台框架设计和平台建设方法等3个方面提出了解决方案,并对平台的应用效果进行了实证分析,结果表明:平台的应用扩展了预警范围、提升了预警的精准度和时效性、提高了工作效率,且干预更为灵活、个性化,可为当前高职院校学习危机的实践改革提供新思路。  相似文献   
为了有效促进学生武术核心素养的培育,针对我国武术教学中存在套路内容“繁难”、教法单一、重“形”轻“击”、重知识灌输,轻自主性培养、重教师的“教”,轻学生的“学”“学生不喜欢武术课”等一系列问题,提出了有效促进武术认知、武术运动能力、武术人格培育的原则,基于此原则,对“化难为易”策略、“化浅为深”策略、“化无趣为有趣”策略、“化技术为实践”策略、“知新温故”等策略进行了具体探索性设计,并对上述策略的具体实施方法进行了阐述,为中小学武术教学改革提供现实指导。  相似文献   
[目的/意义] 探索构建文献情报大数据知识资源体系,支撑面向多领域的智慧知识服务。[方法/过程] 基于AI应用需求,借鉴业界经验,梳理现有资源体系的问题,从多层次多维度扩展资源体系;构建可靠数据处理流程和计算平台,支持高效数据采集和处理;研发智能化数据治理工具,实现知识资源的有效治理,确保提供高质量数据资源。[结果/结论] 已初步形成覆盖多类型、多学科的科技文献大数据知识资源体系,构建完成高度自动化的数据采集治理流程,实施多重数据质量控制,积累数亿高质量数据,且为多个知识服务提供数据支撑。  相似文献   
Using PISA and PIAAC data from twelve OECD countries, we examine the gap in cognitive skills among immigrants and natives and evaluate how those differences have evolved over time. We also consider how demographics, family background and school quality explain the development of cognitive skills of young people with immigrant backgrounds. The results show, first, that some convergence in skills occurs between second-generation immigrants and natives over time. Second, demographics, family background and school quality variables all contribute to the achievement gaps across different groups.  相似文献   
In this work, we present the first quality flaw prediction study for articles containing the two most frequent verifiability flaws in Spanish Wikipedia: articles which do not cite any references or sources at all (denominated Unreferenced) and articles that need additional citations for verification (so-called Refimprove). Based on the underlying characteristics of each flaw, different state-of-the-art approaches were evaluated. For articles not citing any references, a well-established rule-based approach was evaluated and interesting findings show that some of them suffer from Refimprove flaw instead. Likewise, for articles that need additional citations for verification, the well-known PU learning and one-class classification approaches were evaluated. Besides, new methods were compared and a new feature was also proposed to model this latter flaw. The results showed that new methods such as under-bagged decision trees with sum or majority voting rules, biased-SVM, and centroid-based balanced SVM, perform best in comparison with the ones previously published.  相似文献   
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